Séminaire autour de la fiction au bord de la Mer Noire (en anglais)

Elizabeth Kostova Foundation - SOZOPOL FICTION SEMINARS

Explore your writing on the beautiful Black Sea coast !

May 24 - 27, 2012

The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation offers its fifth annual summer fiction writing seminar in the ancient town of Sozopol (Apollonia), Bulgaria. The seminar program consists of intensive daily fiction workshops, roundtable discussions, guest lectures and literary readings by faculty and participants. Fiction writers from Bulgaria and fiction writers from English-speaking countries, including but not limited to the U.K. and the U.S., are invited to apply. A total number of ten applicants will be selected for participation and funding.


Five participants writing in English and five writing in Bulgarian language will receive scholarships regardless of country of residence. A scholarship covers tuition, room and board, in-country transportation, and 50% of international travel expenses.


Morning workshops will be led in English by Elizabeth Kostova (US), the author of the best-selling novel “The Historian” (2005) and “The Swan Thieves” (2010), and in Bulgarian by Krassimir Damianov (BG/ESP), the author of “Diary of a Butterfly” (2008) and “The House of the Hanged” (2009).

Guest lectures will be provided by Barry Lopez (US), the author of the award-winning “Of Wolves and Men” (1978, 1979, 2004) and “Arctic Dreams” (1986, 2001), and Deyan Enev (BG), an award-winning writer, the author of “Ezi-tura” (2000) and “Circus Bulgaria” (2010).

The program in Sozopol, Bulgaria, includes also roundtable discussions, meetings with distinguished international and Bulgarian editors, publishers, translators, as well as literary readings.

One-day follow-up events are usually organized in Sofia, Bulgaria, as part of the long-term program of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation called “CapitaLiterature” (2011-2019).


In order to apply, the applicants must complete an online submission form and attach all the required application materials to it : a biography, a statement of purpose and a fiction writing sample of 10-20 pages. A letter of reference, sent directly to the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation via e-mail by the reference, is required in addition to the online application. The reference letter should be sent to silieva@ekf.bg.
Only online applications will be accepted !
For detailed instructions on how to apply, please visit : http://www.ekf.bg/sozopol/apply .


March 7, 2012


All candidates will receive an e-mail from sozopolfictionseminars@gmail.com that their application has been received shortly after March 7, 2012. Please be certain that your e-mail account is set to receive e-mails from this address. If you do not receive a confirmation within one week of the deadline for submissions, please contact : sozopolfictionseminars@gmail.com.


All approved applicants will be notified via e-mail by April 15, 2012. The results will be published on the website of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation not later than April 30, 2012.